HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Copying

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This MFP can function as a standalone, walk-up copier. It is not necessary to install the
printing system software on the computer, nor is it necessary to have the computer turned
on to make photocopies. You can adjust the copy settings at the control panel. You can also
copy originals by using either the ADF or the scanner glass. The MFP can process copying,
printing, and digital-sending jobs simultaneously.

This chapter provides information about how to make copies and how to change copy
settings, including the following topics:

● Copy-screen navigation
● Basic copying instructions
● Modifying copy settings for the current job
● Copying multiple sized originals
● Creating a stored copy job

It is recommended that you review the basic control-panel information before using the MFP
copying functions. See

Using the control panel

for more information.