HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Creating a stored copy job

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Creating a stored copy job

Turning on the job storage setting indicates that you want the copy job to be stored on the
hard disk, and that you will print the job later. You must provide the following information to
create a stored job:

1. Touch Copy.

2. Select your basic copy settings (see

Copying by using user-defined settings


3. Touch the Advanced tab.

4. At the Job Storage box, select On. A popup dialog box is displayed, asking for the User

Name, and Job Name. If Authentication Required is selected, a Personal
Identification Number (PIN), if required. To enter the PIN, touch the small box next to
Authentication Required. The keyboard is displayed when you select User Name and
Job Name. The PIN is a four-digit number that can be typed on the numeric keypad.

5. Type the User Name.

6. Type the Job Name.

7. Type the PIN, if required.

8. Touch OK.

9. Press





Printing a stored job

for information on printing a stored job.


Creating a stored copy job


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Chapter 4 Copying


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