HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - PCL or PS font list

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PCL or PS font list

Use the font lists to see which fonts are currently installed in the MFP. (The font lists also
show which fonts are resident on a hard disk or flash DIMM.)

The PS font list shows the PS fonts installed, and gives a sample of those fonts. The
following describes the information that can be found on the PCL font list:

Font gives the font names and samples.

Pitch/Point indicates the pitch and point size of the font.

Escape Sequence (a PCL 5e programming command) is used to select the designated
font. (See the legend at the bottom of the font list page.)

Font # is the number used to select fonts from the control panel (not the software
application). Do not confuse the font # with the font ID (see the following information).
The number indicates the DIMM slot where the font is stored.

Soft: Downloaded fonts that stay resident in the MFP until other fonts are
downloaded to replace them or until the MFP is turned off.

Internal: Fonts that permanently reside in the MFP.

Font ID is the number you assign to soft fonts when you download them through software.


Checking the MFP configuration