HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Setting the sleep delay

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Setting the sleep delay

Use the sleep-delay feature to set the period of time that the MFP must be idle before it
enters the sleep mode.


If the sleep-delay feature is turned off in the RESETS menu, the MFP never enters the sleep
mode. Selecting a sleep delay value automatically turns the sleep feature on. The default
value for the sleep delay setting is 60 minutes.

To set the sleep delay

1. Touch Menu.

2. Scroll to and touch CONFIGURE DEVICE.

3. Scroll to and touch SYSTEM SETUP.


5. Scroll to and touch the sleep-delay setting that you want.

6. The settings are saved and the control panel returns to the SYSTEM SETUP submenu.

7. Touch EXIT to exit the menu.


Chapter 9 Managing and maintaining the MFP