HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Setting the wake time

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Setting the wake time

Use the wake time feature to wake the MFP at a set time each day. If a wake time is set, use
an extended sleep delay period. See

Setting the sleep delay



Setting the real-time clock


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To set the wake time

1. Touch Menu.

2. Scroll to and touch CONFIGURE DEVICE.

3. Scroll to and touch SYSTEM SETUP.

4. Touch WAKE TIME.

5. Touch the day of the week for which you want to set the wake time.

6. Touch CUSTOM.

7. Touch the appropriate options to set the correct hour, minute, and AM/PM setting.

8. If you want to wake the MFP at the same time each day, on the APPLY TO ALL DAYS

screen, touch YES.

9. If you want to set the time for individual days, touch NO, and repeat the procedure for

each day.

10. The settings are saved and the control panel returns to the WAKE TIME submenu.

11. Touch EXIT to exit the menu.