HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Digital Sending tab

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Digital Sending tab

Use the pages on the Digital Sending tab to configure the digital-sending features.


If the MFP is configured to use the optional HP Digital Sending Software, the options on
these tabs are not available. Instead, all digital-sending configuration is performed by using
the HP Digital Sending Software.

General page. Set up contact information for the system administrator.

Send to E-mail page. Configure the e-mail settings for digital sending. You can specify
the SMTP server, the default "From" address, and the default subject. You can also set
the maximum file size that is allowed for attachements.

Addressing page. Configure the LDAP server settings for digital sending. The LDAP
server can be used to retrieve e-mail addresses for digital sending. Select the check box
at the top of this page to enable this feature. Click Find Server to find the LDAP server
on your network, then click Test near the bottom of the page to test access to the
server. Contact your network administrator for more information about using the LDAP

Address Book page. Use this page to import e-mail addresses, in the form of a Comma-
Separated Value (CSV) file into the MFP internal address book. This process is
necessary only if you are not using an LDAP server to find e-mail addresses.

Activity Log page. View the digital-sending activity log for the MFP. The log contains
digital-sending job information, including any errors that occur.

Preferences page. Configure digital-sending defaults such as the default page-size and
the default settings-reset delay. You can also configure these settings by using the MFP
control-panel menus.