HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Settings tab

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Settings tab

Use this tab to configure the MFP from your computer. The Settings tab can be password
protected. If this MFP is networked, always consult with the system administrator before
changing settings on this tab.

The Settings tab contains the following pages.

Configure Device. Configure all MFP settings from this page. This page contains the
traditional menus found on the control-panel display. These menus include Information,
Paper Handling, Configure Device, and Diagnostics.

E-mail Server. Use this page to set up the SMTP server that will be used to send MFP
e-mail alerts (set up on the Alerts page).

Alerts. Network only. Set up to receive e-mail alerts for various MFP and supplies
events. These alerts can be sent to a list of up to 20 e-mail, mobile device, or Web site

AutoSend. Use the AutoSend screen to send product-configuration and usage
information periodically to your service provider. This feature establishes a relationship
with Hewlett-Packard Company or another service provider to provide you with services
that include support agreements and usage tracking.

Security. Set a password that must be typed in order to gain access to the Settings,
Digital Sending, and Networking tabs. Turn on and off certain features of the EWS.

Edit Other Links. Add or customize a link to another Web site. This link is shown in the
Other Links area on all embedded Web server pages. These permanent links always
appear in the Other Links area: HP Instant Support, Order Supplies, and Product

Device Information. Name the MFP and assign an asset number to it. Type the name
of the primary contact who will receive information about the MFP.


Using the embedded Web server


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Language. Determine the language in which to show the embedded Web server

Date & Time. Use this page to set the correct date and time for the device. Once the
time is set, the device's real-time clock maintains the accurate time.

Wake Time page. Wake Time can be set to wake the MFP at a certain time on a daily
basis. Only one wake time can be set per day; however, each day can have a different
wake time. You can also set the time delay for Sleep Mode on this page.