HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Loading tray 1

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Loading tray 1

Tray 1 holds up to 100 sheets of paper or 10 envelopes. For more information about
supported media, see

Supported types and sizes of print media


To load tray 1 when the same media is used for multiple print jobs

Use the following procedure if tray 1 is loaded continually with the same type of media, and
the media is not usually removed from tray 1 between print jobs. The following procedure
can also increase the MFP performance when printing from tray 1.


To avoid a jam, never add or remove media from a tray while printing from that tray.

1. Touch Menu.


3. Touch TRAY 1 SIZE.

4. Touch the correct media size. SETTING SAVED appears on the control-panel display.


If you select CUSTOM as the media size, also select the unit of measure and the X and Y

5. Touch TRAY 1 TYPE.

6. Touch the correct paper type. SETTING SAVED appears on the control-panel display.

7. Touch EXIT to exit the menus.

8. Open tray 1.

9. Load paper according to size and finishing options. See

Orienting media

for information

about loading preprinted, letterhead, and prepunched paper.


To avoid jams, print sheets of labels one sheet at a time.


Loading input trays


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10. Adjust the media guides so they lightly touch the media stack, but do not bend the media.

11. Make sure the media fits under the tabs on the guides and not above the load level



If printing on long media also pull out the tray extension until it stops.

12. Touch EXIT to exit the menus. The tray is ready to use.