HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - To install a flash memory card

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To install a flash memory card


Do not insert a flash memory card that is designed for use with a digital camera into the
MFP. The MFP does not support photo printing directly from a flash memory card. If you
install a camera-type flash memory card, a message asking if you want to reformat the flash
memory card appears on the control-panel display. If you choose to reformat the card, all
data on the card will be lost.

1. Turn off the MFP, and disconnect all the cables.

2. Remove the output bin, the 3-bin mailbox, or the stapler/stacker.


Appendix E MFP memory and expansion


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3. At the back of the MFP, remove the formatter cover.

4. Open the formatter door.

5. Remove the flash memory card from the antistatic package. Hold the flash memory card

with your fingers against the side edges and thumbs against the back edge.

6. Press the flash memory card straight into the slot. If it does not go in easily, rotate it

180 degrees and try to insert it again.


Do not insert the flash memory card at an angle.


The first flash memory slot, marked "Firmware Slot," is reserved for firmware only. Slots 2
and 3 should be used for all other solutions.


Installing memory


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7. Close the formatter door.

8. Replace the formatter cover.

9. Reinstall the output bin, the 3-bin mailbox, or the stapler/stacker.

10. Reconnect all the cables, and turn on the MFP.