HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Stacker mode

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Stacker mode

The 3-bin mailbox can combine the bins to act as a stacker. It can stack up to 700 sheets of
75 g/m


(20 lb bond) paper. Jobs are sent to the bottom bin first, then to the middle bin, and

then to the top bin. Print jobs that require more than 500 sheets fill the bottom bin and
continue stacking into the middle and top bins.

When all three bins are full, the MFP stops printing. Printing continues only when you
remove paper from the top bin. The MFP does not resume printing if you remove paper from
the bottom bin or the middle bin before you remove paper from the top bin.


Do not remove paper from the top bin and then attempt to put it in place again. This causes
the pages to stack in the incorrect order.

When the 3-bin mailbox is in stacker mode, you cannot designate that a job be sent to a
particular bin.