HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - 500-sheet feeders and the cabinet/stand

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500-sheet feeders and the cabinet/stand

You can install up to three 500-sheet feeders on the MFP. When using more than one 500-
sheet feeder, HP recommends that you also use a cabinet/stand. The cabinet/stand
supports the MFP so that it does not tip over, and it raises the MFP to a height that makes
using the MFP easier.

Follow the instructions that come with the cabinet/stand and the 500-sheet feeders to set up
the accessories. Always place each 500-sheet feeder on top of the cabinet/stand one-at-a-
time, and then place the MFP on top.


Do not try to lift the MFP when it is attached to one or more 500-sheet feeders. See


the MFP


To load paper and other print media into the 500-sheet feeders, see

Loading trays 2, 3, 4

and 5



500-sheet feeders and the cabinet/stand