HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Stapler/stacker accessory

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Stapler/stacker accessory

The optional stapler/stacker can staple jobs of up to 30 sheets of 75 g/m


(20 lb) paper. The

stapler can staple these sizes: A4, Letter, Legal, Executive (JIS), and 8.5x13. It can stack up
to 500 sheets of paper.

Paper weight can range from 60 to 120 g/m


(16 to 32 lb). Heavier paper might have a

stapling limit of fewer than 30 sheets.

If the job consists of only one sheet, or if it consists of more than 30 sheets, the MFP
delivers the job to the bin, but the MFP does not staple the job.

The stapler supports paper only. Do not try to staple other types of print media, such as
envelopes, transparencies, or labels.

When you want the MFP staple a document, select stapling in the software. You can usually
select the stapler in your program or printer driver, although some options might be available
only in the printer driver. Where and how you make selections depends on your program or
printer driver.

If you cannot select the stapler in the program or printer driver, select the stapler at the MFP
control panel.

The stapler accepts print jobs if it is out of staples, but it does not staple the pages. The
printer driver can be configured to disable the staple option if the staple cartridge is empty.