HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Loading staples

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Loading staples

Load staples if the printer control-panel display prompts you with a STAPLER LOW ON
message (the stapler has fewer than 20 usable staples left) or a REPLACE
message (the stapler is empty, or the remaining staples cannot be

You can specify whether the MFP stops printing when the staple cartridge is empty or if it
continues printing but does not staple the jobs. For more information, see

To configure the

MFP to stop or continue when the staple cartridge is empty


To load staples

1. Press and hold the release button on the top of the stapler/stacker. Pull the stapler/

stacker away from the MFP.


Stapler/stacker accessory


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2. Open the staple-cartridge cover.

3. Grasp the green staple-cartridge handle and pull the old staple cartridge out of the

stapler unit.

4. Insert the new staple cartridge into the stapler unit and push down on the green handle

until the unit snaps into place.

5. Close the staple-cartridge cover, and slide the stapler/stacker into the MFP.


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