HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - To print a document

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To print a document

1. Make sure that paper is loaded in the MFP. See

Loading input trays


Orienting media

for instructions.

2. If you loaded a custom-size paper in tray 2, tray 3, tray 4, or tray 5, or if you loaded any

size paper in tray 1, set the tray to the size of paper that you loaded. See

Loading input


for instructions.

3. Set the paper size.

For Windows: On the File menu, click Page Setup or Print. If you select Print, make
sure that this MFP is selected and then click Properties.

For Macintosh: On the File menu, select Page Setup. Make sure that this MFP is

4. In the paper size box, select one of the following:

The size of paper that you are using

Custom (then specify the paper dimensions)

5. Select the orientation, such as Portrait or Landscape.

6. If the printer driver is not already open, on the File menu click Print. In Windows

programs, also click Properties.

7. In the paper source box, select the paper type and size, or select the tray from which

you want paper pulled. See

Selecting which tray is used for printing


8. Select any other settings that you want, such as duplexing, watermarks, or different first

page. For more information about these settings, see the tasks in this section.

9. Click Print to print the job.


Chapter 3 Printing