HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Loading envelopes in tray 1

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Loading envelopes in tray 1

Many types of envelopes can be printed on from tray 1. Up to 10 can be stacked in the tray.


for specifications.

To load envelopes in tray 1

1. Open tray 1, but do not pull out the extension. Most envelopes feed best without the

extension. However, oversize envelopes might need the extension.

2. Load up to 10 envelopes in the center of tray 1 with the front side facing up, and the

postage-end toward the MFP. Slide the envelopes into the MFP as far as they will go
without forcing them.


Printing on envelopes


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3. Adjust the guides to touch the envelope stack without bending the envelopes. Make sure

that the envelopes fit under the tabs and maximum-height indicators on the guides.


Chapter 3 Printing