HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Printing on small sizes, custom sizes, or heavy paper

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Printing on small sizes, custom sizes, or heavy paper

Custom-size paper can be printed from tray 1, tray 2, or an optional 500-sheet tray.


The MFP might print at a slower speed when printing on small sizes, custom sizes, and
heavy paper. For more information about paper that has a special finish, such as laid or
bond paper, see

Printing on paper that has a special finish


Weight and sizes

See the following table for specifications when printing on custom or heavy paper. For more
information, see

Print media specifications



Printing on special media


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Minimum size

Maximum size

Supported weights

Tray 1

76 x 127 mm
(3 x 5 inches)

216 x 356 mm
(8.5 x 14 inches)

60 to 200 g/m


(16 to 53 lb)

Tray 2 and optional
500-sheet tray

148 x 210 mm
(5.8 x 8.2 inches)

216 x 356 mm
(8.5 x 14 inches)

60 to 120 g/m


(16 to 32 lb)

Guidelines for heavy paper

To help prevent toner from rubbing off of the paper, some heavier paper types should be
printed using a higher fuser mode. At the MFP control panel, open the CONFIGURE
menu. On the PRINT QUALITY submenu, select FUSER MODES, and then select
the media type that you want to modify. Select either HIGH1 or HIGH2 as the fuser mode.
Using these modes helps prevent toner from rubbing off the page, but using them might slow
the MFP speed or create other problems, such as increased curl.

Guidelines for custom-size paper

Follow these guidelines when printing on any custom-size paper:

Feed the paper short-edge first.

In your program, set page margins at least 4.23 mm (0.17 inch) away from the edges.

Set the custom size in the program, in the printer driver, or at the MFP control panel.

Setting custom paper sizes


Additional guidelines for small or narrow paper

Follow these additional guidelines when printing on small or narrow paper:

Do not attempt to print on paper smaller than 76 mm (3 inches) wide or 127 mm
(5 inches) long.

HP does not recommend printing large quantities of small or narrow paper. This could
result in excessive wear on the print-cartridge components that might result in print-
quality problems or toner leaking into the MFP.