HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Printing on transparencies

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Printing on transparencies

Use only transparencies that are recommended for use in laser printers. For transparency
specifications, see



At the MFP control panel, open the CONFIGURE DEVICE menu. On the PRINT
submenu, select FUSER MODES. Make sure that the fuser mode is set to


Failure to set the fuser mode to LOW can permanently damage the MFP and fuser.

In the printer driver, set the paper type to Transparency.

At the MFP control panel, open the PAPER HANDLING menu. Set the tray type to
TRANSPARENCY for the tray that you are using.

Load transparencies face up in tray 1 with the top toward the MFP. Up to
50 transparencies can be loaded in tray 1.

A stack of up to 100 transparencies can be printed from tray 2 and the optional trays
(although stacking more than 50 at a time is not recommended).

Because transparencies are heavier than paper, do not load trays to maximum capacity.


Printing on special media


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Load transparencies in tray 2 or the optional trays with the side to be printed on facing
down, and the top, short edge toward the right.

To prevent transparencies from becoming too hot or from sticking together, remove each
transparency from the output bin before printing another.

Print on only one side of a transparency.

Place transparencies on a flat surface to cool after removing them from the MFP.

If two or more transparencies feed at the same time, try fanning the stack.

Do not feed transparencies through the MFP more than once.