HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Customizing tray 1 operation

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Customizing tray 1 operation

The MFP can be set to print from tray 1 if it is loaded, or to print only from tray 1 if the type of
media that is loaded is specifically requested. See

Paper handling menu






The MFP usually pulls media from tray 1 first
unless it is empty or closed. If you do not keep
media in tray 1 all the time, or if you use tray 1
only to manually feed media, keep the default
setting of TRAY 1 TYPE=ANY and TRAY 1
on the PAPER HANDLING menu.

TRAY 1 TYPE= or TRAY 1 SIZE= a type other
than ANY

The MFP treats tray 1 like the other trays.
Instead of looking for media in tray 1 first, the
MFP pulls media from the tray that matches type
and size settings that are selected in the software.

In the printer driver, you can select media from
any tray (including tray 1) by type, size, or
source. To print by type and size of paper, see

Printing by type and size of media (locking trays)



Selecting which tray is used for printing


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You can also determine whether the MFP shows a prompt to ask if it can pull media from
tray 1 if it cannot find the type and size that you requested in another tray. You can set the
MFP to always prompt you before pulling from tray 1 or only prompt you if tray 1 is empty.
Set the USE REQUESTED TRAY setting on the SYSTEM SETUP submenu of the