HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Using job storage features

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Using job storage features

The following special job-storage features are available for this MFP:

Private jobs: When you send a private job to the MFP, the job does not print until you
enter a PIN at the control panel.

Job storage: You can download a job such as a personnel form, time sheet, or calendar
to the MFP and allow other users to print the job at any time. Stored jobs are copied to
the hard disk and are not deleted if retention space on the MFP becomes limited.

QuickCopy jobs: You can print the requested number of copies of a job and then store
a copy of the job on the hard disk in the MFP. Storing the job allows you to print
additional copies of the job later.

Proof and hold jobs: This feature provides a quick and easy way to print and proof one
copy of a job and then print the additional copies.

Follow the instructions in this section to gain access to the job storage features at the
computer. See the specific section for the type of job that you want to create.


If you turn the MFP off, all QuickCopy, Proof and hold, and Private jobs are deleted.