HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Creating a QuickCopying job

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Creating a QuickCopying job

The QuickCopy feature prints the requested number of copies of a job and stores a copy on
the MFP hard disk. Additional copies of the job can be printed later. This feature can be
turned off in the printer driver.

The default number of different QuickCopy jobs that can be stored on the MFP is 32. At the
control panel, you can set a different default number. See

System setup submenu

To create QuickCopy jobs


If the MFP needs additional space to store newer QuickCopy jobs, the MFP deletes other
stored QuickCopy jobs, starting with the oldest job. To permanently store a job and prevent
the MFP from deleting it when space is needed, select the Job Storage option instead of the
QuickCopy option.

In the driver, select the QuickCopy option and type a user name and a job name.

When you send the job to print, the MFP prints the number of copies that you set in the
driver. To print more quick copies at the MFP control panel, see

Printing additional copies of

QuickCopy jobs