HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - E‑mail basics

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E-mail basics

The MFP e-mail feature offers the following benefits:

Sends documents to multiple e-mail addresses, saving time and delivery costs.

Delivers files in black-and-white or in color. Files can be sent in different file formats that
the recipient can manipulate.

With e-mail, documents are scanned into the MFP memory and sent to an e-mail address or
multiple addresses as an e-mail attachment. Digital documents can be sent in several
graphics formats, such as .TFF and .JPG, which allows recipients to manipulate the
document file in various programs to meet their specific needs. Documents arrive in near-
original quality, and then can be printed, stored, or forwarded.

The HP Digital Sending software, which can be purchased separately, offers the additional
benefits of sending to a fax machine, authenticating the user for security purposes, and
scanning to a folder. For the HP LaserJet 4345mfp (base model), you can also install an
analog fax accessory that provides e-mail capability. For more information see



In order to use the e-mail feature, the MFP needs to be connected to a valid SMTP local
area network that includes Internet access.