HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Creating a recipient list

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Creating a recipient list

On the touchscreen of the graphical display, complete the following steps:

1. Touch E-MAIL.

2. Touch To: to open the keyboard screen.

3. Type the first letter of the recipient's name.

4. Touch

(address book icon) to open the address book.

5. Navigate the entries in the address book by using the scroll bar. Hold down the arrow to

scroll quickly through the list.

6. Highlight the name to select a recipient, and then touch Add.

You can also select a distribution list by touching All, or add a recipient from a local list
by touching the Local button. Highlight the appropriate names, and then touch Add to
add the name to your list of recipients.

You can remove a recipient from your list by scrolling to highlight the recipient, and then
touching Remove.

7. The names in the recipient list are placed in the text line of the keyboard screen. If you

want, you can add a recipient that is not found in the address book by typing the e-mail
address on the keyboard. After you are satisfied with your recipient list, touch OK.

8. Touch OK on the keyboard screen.

9. Finish typing information in the CC: and Subject: fields on the Send to E-mail screen, if

necessary. You can check the list of recipients by touching the down arrow in the To:
text line.

10. Press