HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Clearing jams from the tray 1 area

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Clearing jams from the tray 1 area

Use this procedure to clear jams that occur in the tray 1 input area.

To clear jams from the tray 1 area

1. Open the top cover, open tray 1, and remove the print cartridge.

2. Use the green handle to lift the paper-access plate.


Clearing jams


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3. Slowly pull any jammed media out of the MFP. Do not tear the media. If part of the sheet

has already been pulled into the MFP, follow the steps for

Clearing jams from the top-

cover and print-cartridge areas


4. If jammed media is difficult to remove, remove the envelope-entrance cover. If media is

present, remove it.

5. Rotate the paper-release guide to check for additional jammed media underneath. If

jammed media is present, remove it.

6. Replace the envelope-entrance cover and close tray 1.

7. Reinstall the print cartridge and close the top cover.

8. If a jam message persists, jammed media is still in the MFP. Look for the jam in another



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