HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Random image repetition

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Random image repetition


Chapter 10 Solving problems


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If an image that appears at the top of the page (in solid black) repeats farther down the page
(in a gray field), the toner might not have been completely erased from the last job. (The
repeated image might be lighter or darker than the field it appears in.)

Change the tone (darkness) of the field that the repeated image appears in.

Change the order in which the images are printed. For example, have the lighter image
at the top of the page, and the darker image farther down the page.

From your software program, rotate the whole page 180° to print the lighter image first.

If the defect occurs later in a print job, turn the MFP power off for 10 minutes, and then
turn the MFP power on to restart the print job.