HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Determining MFP problems

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Determining MFP problems



The control-panel display is blank, and internal
fans are not running.

Make sure that the MFP power is on. Press all
the keys to see if one is stuck. Contact your HP-
authorized service representative if these steps
do not work. See

HP customer care


The MFP is turned on, but the internal fans are
not running.

Make sure that the line voltage is correct for the
MFP power configuration. (See the label that is
inside the top cover on the MFP for voltage
requirements.) If you are using a power strip and
its voltage is not within specification, plug the
MFP directly into the power receptacle.

The MFP voltage is not correct.

Make surethat the line voltage is in the correct
range. (See the label that is inside the top cover
on the MFP for voltage requirements.)

Messages appear on the control-panel display.


Understanding MFP messages


Print media is jammed in the MFP.

Check for jams (see

Clearing jams


The control-panel display shows the wrong
language or unfamiliar characters.

Reconfigure the control-panel display language.


Turn the MFP off and then on.


When XXXMB appears on the control-panel
display, press and hold


until all three

LEDs flash once and then stay on. (This
might take up to 20 seconds.




and then press




Wait while the MFP completes its
initialization sequence. When it is finished,
the SELECT LANGUAGE menu appears on
the control-panel display. Scroll to and touch
the correct language.

An error occurs during a Digital Send job. Job

The MFP experienced an error during the digital
sending job. The administrator should check on
the status of the SMTP server. See


e-mail problems


The e-mail gateway could not accept the job
because the attachment is too large.

Reduce the size of the e-mail attachment by
setting the maximum attachment size. Set the
maximum attachement size on the Digital
tab of the embedded Web server. See

Using the embedded Web server


Try using a different file format or sending the
document a few pages at a time.

A network connection is required for digital

The MFP cannot find a network connection. The
administrator should check to see if the MFP is
connected to the network. See

Solving network

connectivity problems



Chapter 10 Solving problems