HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Troubleshooting network printing problems

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Troubleshooting network printing problems


HP recommends that you use the MFP CD-ROM to install and set up the MFP on a network.

Make sure that the network cable is securely seated into the MFP's RJ45 connector.

Make sure that the Link LED on the formatter is lit. See

Understanding lights on the



Make sure that the I/O card is ready. Print a configuration page (see

Checking the MFP


). If an HP Jetdirect print server is installed, printing a configuration page

also prints a second page that shows the network settings and status.


The HP Jetdirect embedded print server supports various network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/
SPX, Novell/Netware, AppleTalk, and DCL/LLC). Make sure that the correct protocol is
enabled for your network.

On the HP Jetdirect configuration page, verify the following items for your protocol:

Under HP Jetdirect Configuration, the status is "I/O Card Ready".

The status is "Ready".

An IP address is listed.

The configuration method (Config by:) is listed correctly. See the network
administrator if you are not sure which method is correct.

Try printing the job from another computer.

To verify that a MFP works with a computer, use a parallel cable to connect it directly to
a computer. You will have to reinstall the printing software. Print a document from a
program that has printed correctly in the past. If this works, a problem with the network
might exist.

Contact your network administrator for assistance.