HP LaserJet 4345 Multifunction Printer series - Using the control panel

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Using the control panel

The MFP control panel has a touchscreen graphical display that offers an integrated
approach to copying, e-mail, and printing.

The control panel provides you with all of the features of a standard photocopier, plus
printing and e-mail capabilities. Use the control panel to describe the features of the original
document, to specify any modifications to the scanned image, and to select the features that
you want in the copy. For example, you can describe the original document as an A4-sized,
duplexed, text document, and then you can apply scaling or contrast changes in the copy.
Next, select copy options such as tray and paper size to be used for copying. The graphical
display shows a representative image (page icon) of both the original document and the copy.

In addition, use the control-panel menus to set system defaults, to customize settings for a
particular job, and to store and retrieve printed and scanned jobs.

This chapter introduces the following control-panel topics:

● Control-panel layout
● Control-panel features
● Home-screen navigation
● Help system
● Menu map
● Retrieve job menu
● Information menu
● Paper handling menu
● Configure device menu
● Fax menu
● Diagnostics menu
● Service menu

Specific information about printing, copying, and sending tasks appears in later chapters.